Who is METAJ LAW and what it offers ?

Enforcement Company Metaj Law sh.p.k. is a Company established under the Law for Kosovo Trading Companies, headquartered in Prishtina, consolidated for the purpose of exercising of implementation of law within its main activity of the enforcement under the LawonEnforcement Procedure No. 04/L-139 and other respective laws which are affected by this action.

Metaj LAW, regarding of exercising and implementation of enforcement, was established and consolidated in December 2014 from Private Enforcement Agent Rezarta Metaj, while from 2017 our company joins another private Enforcement Agent – Kushtrim Metaj, both appointed in the territory of the Basic Court of Prishtina by the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Kosovo.

Before the establishment of the Enforcement Company, Metaj Law has operated as a law office administrated by lawyers with 30 years of experience in jurisprudence, therefore knowledge and long experience in various fields of lawinherited to the administrators of the Enforcement Company Metaj Law, are considered one of the biggest advantages of the Enforcement Company

Metaj Law is managed and developed every day more by the professional enforcement agents with respectful professional and ethicalweightin the spirit of wealthy heritage in jurisprudence field.

Purpose of our Company continues to remain awareness of us allthat the implementation of the law in the enforcement procedure presents compulsory fulfillment of our obligations, of the will of contracting parties and the obligation to respect judicial decisions.

Our success so far has created and continues to strengthen the confidence of the parties in the proceedings that law enforcement is mandatory for all therefore, the growth of our clientele every day more and more confirms that our Company together with other parties, without distinguishing the creditor and / or the debtor is a co- promoter in achieving of this goal.

Correctness, experience and professionalism of the enforcement agents of Metaj Law is the guarantor for our customers that their outstanding problems will be treated individually and professionally.



Rezarta Metaj

Përmbaruese Private


Kushtrim Metaj

Partner - Private Executor